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How does an auction work & what do I do?

You don’t have to be a seasoned auction attendee to be able to experience the thrill of auctions. Santa Margarita Auction Barn is glad to welcome new bidders to our auctions. And though almost everyone has heard the old story about the person who attended an auction, scratched his nose and came home with an item he’d not intended to buy, pay no heed to that myth.

Feel free to just get your feet wet — don’t think you have to go to your first auction ready to bid. Attend an auction or two at our auction site to get a feel for how they are conducted. Watch and listen, then move on to bidding if that makes you comfortable.

Always remember that at our auction you’re free to ask a question if you don’t understand something. Our Auctioneers and staffs want people to continue to come to keep coming back, so they’ll do all they can to encourage repeat business! Ask a question of a member of our auctioneer’s team, and they’ll find the answer for you.

When you arrive at our auction site, register for a bidder number and read the rules printed on or displayed on posters, brochures or handouts. Again, ask questions if you don’t understand a policy. Inspect the merchandise you’re interested in, as most is auctioned on an "as is, where is" basis. This means it is not guaranteed. When you buy an item, you become responsible for it. And, keep in mind that you’ll pay for the items you purchase before you leave the auction, even if you aren’t taking everything with you that day.

In order to bid at an auction, you need to make contact with the auctioneer or the ring person. A ring person is someone who takes bids from the audience and then passes those on to the auctioneer. To bid, hold up your bid card, your hand or shout "yes." The auctioneer or ring person will make eye contact with you, take your bid and immediately turn and seek another bid. You can remove yourself from the process at any time by shaking your head "no" or saying "no" if the auctioneer or ring person turns your way. Should an auctioneer or ring person misinterpret any of your signals, simply report the mistake right away.

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